All shipments are processed by our offices in Rome and are entrusted to primary international couriers according to the final destination, weight and value of the order.
Delivery costs are borne by the Customer, unless otherwise indicated on the Product Page. The total amount of transport costs may vary depending on the delivery method and the number of products purchased.

The courier delivers between 8.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
It is not possible in any way to fix the time and/or day of delivery of the products, nor is it possible to request delivery to post office boxes.
Should the shipping address differ from the billing address, we invite the Customer to specify this in the notes accompanying the order.

Delivery of what is ordered is always by the roadside.
Products are delivered within 4 working days after order confirmation (you will receive an email containing the tracking code of your order).

The Products shipped are checked and entrusted to the courier without defects: APPIEFFE GROUP SRL cannot be held responsible for damages and cannot undertake to replace or repair them unless they are reported when accepting the shipment by placing a specific claim on the delivery note or on the courier's hand-held computer.
In its own interest, therefore, the Customer is required to check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, dented, punctured, wet, torn, repaired with adhesive tape or in any way altered, and must SIGNAL any discrepancies by affixing the appropriate "SPECIFIC RESERVE"

- on the paper slip in the notes field by entering a description of the type of anomaly. E.g.: "Acceptance subject to verification due to punctured box", etc.  

- on the handheld computer, it will also be necessary to tick the "subject to verification" box/box and indicate the anomaly found on the packaging among the available options.

Receipt of products without reserve or with generic control reserve does not allow the Customer to take legal action against the courier, nor does it allow APPIEFFE GROUP SRL the same action, in case of loss or damage to products, except for partial loss or damage that is not recognisable at the time of delivery ("Hidden damage").
The Customer is obliged to check the correct functionality and conformity of the Product received: the detection of damage must be reported immediately to APPIEFFE GROUP SRL and in any case no later than 8 (eight) calendar days from the date of delivery of the product (date included in the count), through the e-mail address
The Customer must include the following information in the message
- Order number/Sales document
- Photo of the outer packaging
- Photo of the damaged part
- Possible signature with specific reservation

In the event of a damaged or non-compliant product being received, it is MANDATORY to keep all parts of the ORIGINAL PACKAGING. In the absence of the original packaging APPIEFFE GROUP SRL will not be able to handle the return of the same nor can the claim be accepted in any way.

A shipment that, due to repeated impossibility of delivery to the address indicated by the Customer when placing the order, may be placed by the courier in storage at the relevant branch, at the Customer's disposal.
In the event of non-delivery within five working days, the goods shall be returned to APPIEFFE GROUP SRL and the order shall be considered cancelled. The Customer will be reimbursed the value of the purchase minus return shipping costs and any expenses/commissions that APPIEFFE GROUP SRL will have to incur to reimburse the Customer.